What is Steel Town Games?

I started Steel Town Games as a launch pad for my tabletop game design projects. While that purpose remains, I realized that it could be more. My continuing research into board game news and design theory led me to diverse pages all over the web. Through this blog, I will share links to the most informative, strange, entertaining, and educational posts with you.

SteelTownGames.com also gives me a platform in which to publish papers containing my analysis of the hobby. While the links to other web pages will be removed as needed to make room for the latest news, my essays will remain available as long as the site is active.

Yeah, but what’s with the name “Steel Town Games”?

I grew up in a small steel town in Western Pennsylvania. When choosing a name for my business, I wanted it to reflect my roots. While I have never worked in a steel mill myself, I am the son, grandson, nephew, cousin, and son-in-law of steel workers. I saw firsthand their sacrifice and work ethic and have tried to bring that blue-collar grit to my life’s work.

The name Steel Town Games is meant to honor the men and women of this country who made the steel that made modern America possible. Most of the mills and those workers may now be part of history, but their impact on this world should never be forgotten.